Press Release

Cliff Hengst
Jamesha Walker-Tenjinmon
Michael Iauch
Chanel Conklin

We are pleased to announce the opening of Helen's Costume, a new gallery in the Montavilla district of Portland, Ore. We take our name from the 127 year old business, around the corner, that closed its doors in 2017. Although we are not directly aligned with Helen, pageantry and artifice are an important part of our makeup. Helen's Costume is a physical gallery space in a modified domestic setting.

Petra Poffenberger on “Touching”

Conceived during quarantine. Longing, wet works, Touching. Sentiment, kitchen work, banana land, Touching. Michael’s dipped tissues, Jamesha’s tears, Cliff’s cast softly breathing into each other’s minds. Consider Chanel’s text.

“I’m Sisters is me Chanel sisters sis sisters sters sisters. Come to our house in Gresham Oregon 1755.
I watch(ed) a Wolfman movie last night. He doesn’t do good movies anymore.
I have titanic movies in my head. Donald Trump I want to ...”


Cliff Hengst​ ​has performed/exhibited at Hauser & Wirth, Machine Project in Los Angeles, The Tang Museum at Skidmore College in New York, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, ​The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art​, Gallery 16, scene/escena and Kiki in San Francisco

Jamesha Walker-Tenjinmon ​has exhibited at Enter Being and Starbucks on Hawthorne in Portland Oregon.

Michael Iauch ​has performed/exhibited at ABC No Rio, New York, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, California, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, FalseFront, Portland, Oregon, Space 1026, Philadelphia, ​Pennsylvania ​and the Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China.

Chanel Conklin ​has exhibited at Project Grow and PALS, Portland, Oregon


Helen’s Costume is a division of Costume International.