September 12th - October 12th
Elmeater Morton
Sharada Tolton
Chris Johanson

Press Release

If the abyss stares back I expect it’s probably just a mirror, pretty simple explanation there.
An opening loses some of its meaning if you don’t go through with it.

There’s gaps on both ends, else how would you have gotten here,
here’s to old beginnings veils and sails cloaked in missed
there's just enough smoke to make a real nice sunset

~ Chase Allgood

Elmeater Morton (she/her) lives Portland, OR. She has exhibited at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD), San Francisco, The Portland Art Museum and Project Grow, Portland, Oregon.

Sharada Tolton (they/she) lives in El Cerrito, CA. They are the editor/designer of Neuro Fuzzy Press.

Chris Johanson (he/him) lives Portland, OR and various parts of California. He has exhibited at galleries and museums around the world including Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, NY, The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Scotland, Altman Siegel and scene/escena, San Francisco, CA.
Sharada Tolton, Ghosts, 2021

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